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Rent / Mortgage

  • An application for rent or mortgage assistance must be accompanied by a printed, formal nonpayment or eviction notice, copies of court papers, or a sheriff’s eviction notice. 
  • Other documents may be required (i.e. copy of a lease agreement, condemnation notice). Letters or notes from family members or friends are not sufficient unless they are the Landlord of Record. 
  • We must also have a written statement from the Landlord indicating what payments are owed, and we may require a payment history in ongoing problem cases. 
  • The client must show that the rent is normally affordable except for the one time financial emergency. 
  • If an applicant owes several months rent and is not facing a one month shortfall due to an unforeseen event, our program is not the appropriate solution. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot assist applicants who have no current or pending income, or who do not normally bring in enough to pay their rent and utilities on a monthly basis. If the cause of nonpayment is attributable to a temporary condition (i.e. short term disability), and another agency is approving additional assistance, collaboration is possible. 
  • Our advocacy and referral experience may certainly be utilized to address such problems.
  • Rent or mortgage assistance payments are limited to a maximum of one month rent or mortgage. 
  • No grant will be issued to pay security deposits, last month’s rent, application or credit check fees, or any costs other than actual rent or mortgage expenses. 
  • In all cases, the client must show that the rent and utilities will be affordable in future months based on income from wages and/or other assistance.

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