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  • The overwhelming majority of our grants are approved to assist clients who cannot afford to purchase their prescriptions on a one time basis. 
  • We do not assist with payment of bills for medical treatment or services. 
  • Most applicants have already applied for Medicaid, Child and/or Family Health Plus and are caught within the waiting period before their case opens. 
  • Our program is not based on medical need – we are not a medical or pharmaceutical provider. 
  • Grants are approved based on an emergency financial need, and if a client has sufficient funds to meet the need a grant will not be approved.
  • Documentation regarding income and expenses may be required. 
  • A client may also be required to apply for Medicaid, Child and/or Family Health Plus before a grant is approved, especially when the need for the medication is not life threatening. 
  • We may decide to provide a grant to cover only a portion of the cost of the prescription(s), or to cover the purchase of a limited number of prescriptions. 
  • We are not a provider of medical services or medications. 
  • Contact with a client’s medical provider may be required, and will of course be done only with the client’s written consent.
  • Like other grants, our financial assistance is available on a one time basis. It is important that clients realize that they are responsible for assuring that their future needs are met, by seeking and recertifying for Medicaid, Child and/or Family Health Plus coverage, or by obtaining employment or other dependable income.

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