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Beverly Closs Food Pantry

  • Dutchess Outreach, an organization that has provided food and clothing to families for 40 years started this food pantry in the Hudson Valley due to the overwhelming amount of families that are unable to provide food.
  • The Beverly H. Closs Food Pantry provided 102,492 meals for 4,807 families including 1,805 children.
  • The pantry is open four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) from 8:30am – 11:30am
  • The only requirement for the individuals received the food is that they be from Dutchess County. Other than that, individuals of any income level, race, status, gender, ect. can receive food.
  • When a family attends the food pantry, they are given a three day supply of groceries every thirty days, so about once a month.
  • Clients must show ID for themselves and anyone else they need food for, including children. The pantry accepts anything from passports, school ids, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, insurance cards, credit cards, social security cards, and more.
  • When a family asks for food from the pantry, a case manager or volunteer gathers financial, educational and other demographic information from the family.
  • They will ask things such as diet restrictions and allergies.
  • Due to the amount of families, especially during the holiday season, that are in a need of food, the pantry depends on canned or boxed food donations.
  • They also accept basic toiletry items including toothpaste, soap, ect.
If you are interested in making a donation to the Beverly Closs Food Pantry please visit the “Donate Today” section of this site or call us at 845.454.3792.

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