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Advocacy and Referral

  • We are always available as a referral source and to advocate for a client where the need is indicated, even where a client is ineligible for financial assistance or does not meet these guidelines in some way. 
  • A verbal or written referral to Dutchess Outreach from another agency, program, or individual does not automatically qualify a client for financial assistance. An appropriate referral may expedite the application and decision process, or may lead to collaboration between agencies.
  • Our clients often receive referrals which are not cleared or researched by the referring agency. We can take no responsibility for referrals or actions by other agencies or programs. 
  • If governmental or special program assistance is available to a client, it must be pursued first. 
  • A denial letter from DSS or another agency does not entitle an applicant to financial assistance.
  • The application must show a one time, emergency financial need which was not caused by the client’s actions or lack of effort. We will not assist someone who will not help themselves.
  • No financial assistance will be approved if a client has adequate income or funds to address the emergency themselves. We may require copies of pay stubs, receipts, or similar documents in order to make a determination. 
  • Clients should be aware that providing false information and/or documentation to a case worker will result in an immediate termination of any effort to assist the client with their emergency. 
  • Case workers may share information and documentation provided by the client with concerned individuals and agencies.

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